Our Aim

Here at Avalon Stem Cell Therapy, our aim is to improve the lives of patients with advanced regenerative stem cell therapy available through IV and Direct-to-Site Injections. With this revolutionary treatment, we can treat an array of health conditions from orthopedic, to cardiovascular to neurological.

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I just had a pretty intrusive surgery done there. All went well, and could not have asked for more both from the center and my surgeon.
The staff at the center were extremely polite, caring and friendly.

Areg G., Yelp

The staff is wonderful they are they take very good care of you and the nurses are exceptional I would recommend this place very highly.

Merrick P., Yelp

The care I received at Avalon Surgery Center during my foot surgery was beyond AMAZING. I simply cannot say enough about the team at this surgery center. I would recommend them highly.

Monique M., Yelp

The people and the facility are amazing. They really try very hard to make their patients and family members be comfortable. The entire process, from the initial sign-in to the checking out went very smoothly.

Pio U., Yelp

First time in Avalon. Very nice and clean surgical center. Professional staff with good costumer service.

Kat T., Yelp

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